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Who we are and why we started..

Launched in February 2017, In Other News is an online platform dedicated to sharing inspiring stories and reporting positive Black British news. Using written articles, a podcast and a video series, we report on businesses, initiatives and individuals across a wide spectrum of professions and industries. 

In Other News aims to represent Black Britons in a positive, integral and inspirational way, drawing attention to both upcoming and established success stories, and presenting aspirational, relatable images of Black Britons for our you to be motivated by and proud of. 

It is evident that mainstream media coverage of Black Britain is far from positive, so our why is simple - creating an online presence where we foreground the positives within the Black British community. 

Welcome to In Other News - The Good Report.

Photo credit:  K Russell Photography

Photo credit: K Russell Photography

about the editor..

Hey, I’m Candace Oxley, the Founding Editor of In Other News. I’d describe myself as a faith-filled, sociable, diligent, optimistic creative with a passion for storytelling and representing the good in others.

I enjoy being part of people’s personal and professional journeys, listening to live music, laughing hysterically with my tribe, having long intimate discussions, travelling alone and curating positive content about individuals that motive me.

I am driven by my faith in God, and my desire to live curiously and authentically; In Other News aims to highlight the positive Black British experience, and whether you are Black, British or neither, let In Other News be a reminder that there is still good happening in the world. 

Instagram: @_CandGoods | Twitter: @CandGoods