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Podcast Ep 3 | 'Monitoring the Mental Wellbeing of Teenage Girls' - A Good Conversation with Danielle Ennis

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With the rise in conversations around mental health, with specific attention on young people, life coach, educator and now author Danielle Ennis, has released an important tool for managing life’s mental instabilities - The MIND Workbook – Memoirs of a Young Londoner.

With her younger self in mind, this workbook operates as an introduction to the importance of our mental well-being and, equips and encourages young girls to develop important life skills such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking and self-awareness with a method that is clear, concise and easy to use. 

We chatted with Danielle ahead of the release of her book to talk about her transition into working with young people, the pros and cons of the social media era and what she hopes young girls will take away from her book.

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You can purchase The MIND Workbook - Memoirs of a Young Londoner directly from Amazon

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