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Podcast Ep 4 | 'Sisterhood is what you make it' - A Good Conversation on International Women's Day

Irrespective of age, ethnicity, socio-economic background, faith group, and all of other sub-categories, International Women’s Day is the historic celebration of unity and power of feminine energy. From business owners and bloggers, athletes and art directors, teachers and TV presenters, women have an innate ability to chameleon themselves to any commitment, challenge the stereotypes that restrict them, champion causes that move them to action, and cherish and invest in relationships that mean most. 

This month’s episode celebrates 3 incredible women, Events Producer - Mori Abdul, Author and Poet - Sarah Aluko, and Property Investor - Natasha Spence. 

An authentic girl chat, these 3 women transparently share some of their current anxieties, reflect on areas of self-development and what the title of their mix tape would be. 

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To connect with the women in this episode, please follow check out their work:

Sarah Aluko – First Born | Instagram: @Sarah_Aluko 

Mori Abdul – Events by Mori | Instagram: @MissMorii | Twitter: @MissMorii

Natasha Spence – Isabella Homes | Instagram: @IsabellasHomes | Twitter: @IsabellasHomes

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