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Podcast Ep 6 | Men & Mental Health Part 1 - "It's more than just a barbershop" - A Good Conversation with Co-Founder of Heads Up 2 T-Styles

With the rise in conversation around the importance of internal self-care, external self care massively contributes to how we feel about ourselves too. The satisfaction that comes after a fresh shape up or visit to the hairdressers, a new outfit or simply a mani/pedi with the girls, these experiences help shape how we see, feel and present ourselves to the world.

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and in line with the theme for the country this year, which is body image, we wanted to chat to a group of girls and guys whose work speaks to body image, self-care, mental health and perception. We are starting this series of conversation with Co-Founder of Heads Up 2, and North London Barber, T-Styles alongside a very special co-host. 

The three of us discussed childhood insecurities, how barbering can become a form of mentorship and what ‘the process’ in life can teach us. Follow T-Styles and our co-host Darren on Social media and enjoy this episode!

T-Styles: Instagram: @tstyles___ & @headsup2hq | Twitter: @tstyles13382519 | Darren: Instagram: @_dxrren

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