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Podcast Ep 10 | "Hiking Up The Hollywood Hills" - A Good Conversation with Jamelia Donaldson, Casey Elisha, Mori Abdul, Tara Chindeffu and Remel London

With the summer months approaching, it’s prime holiday season. Whether you’re a beach and a book traveller or an avid adventurer, exploring the globe is better in groups, or is it?

Episode 10 of the In Other News podcast features 5 very unique women, who all met on a group holiday. Casey Elisha unintentionally organised a group vacay to Los Angeles for Grammy Weekend and was joined by Treasure Tress Founder Jamelia Donaldson, Professional Photographer Tara Chindeffu, TV and Radio Presenter Remel London, Events Curator Mori Abdul and myself.

This episode explores the pros and cons of group holidays, hilarious highlights from our trip, solo travel experiences, influencer culture, social media woes, and how easy or not it is to make new friends as you get older. Did we dispel Drake’s myth of no new friends? 

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