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Podcast Ep 5 | "We Asked You Not To Talk About That" - A Good Conversation with BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra Reporter Nesta McGregor

The power of audio has always been always helped vividly tell and share information whether it be in the form of a song or a news report. Voice is a distinct and powerful way to hear stories, and this months podcast episode features news reporter, food enthusiastic and one of the voices of BBC Radio One and 1Xtra Reporter, Nesta McGregor.

After he took me on a tour around the BBC studios, we spend the afternoon chatting about his career, similar programs that the BBC currently run for BME individuals to get into radio, Nashville Fried Chicken and why representation and speaking up about blackness is important.

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To connect with Nesta, follow him on Instagram - @Nesquick1982 and Twitter - @NestaMcG


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