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The Living Room

The Living Room is our video interview series where each storyteller opens the door to a comfortable place, and invites viewers into the casual & candid elements of their lives.

The Living Room Ep 2 - Chloe Joseph

Can's living room photo option 2.jpg

A living room in most homes is a place of comfort, conversation and congregation, a central point where relationships are formed and stories are shared. 

the living room is our interview series that visualises the good report. Each storyteller opens the door to their comfortable place, personally narrates their experiences, and invites you into the casual & candid elements of their lives.


Living in purpose is often attributed to serving someone or something higher than ourselves. When we sat down with Chloe Joseph, Author of Empowerment Prayers, it was clear that her purpose involved introducing young children to someone higher than them – God. Her faith has carried her through many a trial and she boldly lives by the truth that with God, truly, all things are possible. 

From having no idea where the funds to create her book where going to come from, to now having self-published a book that is being shipped globally, her story is one that highlights not to despise small beginnings of the journey. Empowerment Prayers is designed to encourage children to keep in constant conversation with God, and as a result, she opens up how talking to God throughout this process helped her. 

Chloe invited us to her living room. Enjoy!


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