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The Living Room

The Living Room is our video interview series where each storyteller opens the door to a comfortable place, and invites viewers into the casual & candid elements of their lives.

The Living Room Ep 1 - Niji Adeleye

Can's living room photo option 2.jpg

A living room in most homes is a place of comfort, conversation and congregation, a central point where relationships are formed and stories are shared. 

the living room is our interview series that visualises the good report. Each storyteller opens the door to their comfortable place, personally narrates their experiences, and invites you into the casual & candid elements of their lives.

Our first episode is with British Nigerian Jazz Pianist, Niji Adeleye. After speaking to him just under a year ago about his latest record – Late Night Early Mornings, he is still passionate about pushing the boundaries as a musician and overall creative. The sound of both records are noticeably different and for us, is reflective of growth and embracing the freedom of just being.

His innate desire not to be boxed in musically was an intentional decision when conceptualising LNEM, and along the way, he has captured parts of his musicianship in his new documentary entitled ‘Late Night, Early Mornings – The Documentary’. The documentary highlights his late nights, early mornings with a solid reassurance that they’ll be better days ahead.

Niji invited us to his living room. Enjoy!


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