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Pitch - The Future of Advertising

Advertising is one of the most influential industries in the world; it helps us chose between Apple and Android, Nike and Adidas, and Tidal and Spotify. Our subconscious mind makes conclusions on aesthetics before we fully engage, so brand colours, narratives, representation, to name a few, all play a major role in our daily decision-making.



One of the powerhouses behind this often-complex and controversial industry is changing how we engage with the industry, at what levels we are exposed to the industry and creating opportunities for a more diverse representation of adland.

Sherry Collins is the Founder & Publisher of Pitch, an independent advertising publication dedicated to showcasing incredible creative works and the talent behind the scenes. Inspired by the creativity of others, Pitch desires to celebrate, share and understand some of the highest industry professionals and outstanding spots, commercials, campaigns and more.

Now on its 11th Issue, Sherry is opening up the world of advertising to the most impressionable, eager and creative group in society – children.



Pitch Futures is a community interest initiative with an aim to introduce today’s leading creatives to tomorrow’s creative talent. The team at Pitch have partnered with Rushmore School in Hackney for their first launch exhibition, which is tailored towards children aged between 8 – 10 years old. Pitch Futures will be held at D&AD, a non-profit education association that promotes excellence in design and advertising, on the 6th and 7th December 2017, where industry creatives will be sharing their creative stories and in turn, encouraging the children to do the same. As well as exhibiting work for some of the industries best animators, photographers and directors, the children will have the opportunity to experience a live shoot and a creative class.




The team at Pitch believe that “diversity starts at grassroots”, and therefore have invited a range of children from diverse backgrounds in the hopes to introduce them to an industry that may have otherwise been unreachable to them, and stimulate possible career options for their futures. We asked Sherry what the main thought she would like the children to take away from the exhibition, and she shares that “by engaging with primary school children and giving them a taste of the creative industries and exposure to the roles within them at an early age, our aim is to ensure that the industry is demystified and that the future (and the talent) of the creative industry is as diverse as the communities it speaks to.”

The exhibition will conclude with a drinks reception and panel discussion on Thursday 7th Decemver from 6pm. For industry professionals interested in attending, please purchase your very reasonably priced ticket here.


We'll be live tweeting and instagramming on the 6th so keep an eye on our socials to get involved. For more information on Pitch, please visit

Socialise with them too: Twitter: @thepitchfanzine | Instagram: @thepitchfanzine_


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