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Black and White Media - MsMono Productions

Everybody has a story to tell, especially black women. As one of the most marginalised groups within an already marginalised group, the sisterhood has decided to represent the change they want to see more loudly than ever, and MsMono Productions is not exception from that.


Black female led and award-winning production company MsMono Productions have a solid premise of foregrounding female centred stories and increasing the visibility of women within TV and film crews.  Co Founded by Screenwriter Karla Williams and Director Rebecca Coley, the pair’s passion for telling bold, original and ambitious narratives lives at the crux of their screenplays, music videos and shorts. 

With MsMono’s work having been screened at numerous festivals such as the Annual Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Teen International Film Festival and won the Van D’or Award in 2013 for Best Screenplay to name a few, MsMono Productions are most certainly making their presence known and impactful work felt. we follow in the footsteps of work such as Chewing Gum, Motherland and Fleabag, (we are) putting female voices front and centre.”

Officially formed only 2 years ago, Screenwriter and Executive Producer Karla Williams shares “this is a really exciting time as we begin to understand the benefits of true diversity within the film and TV industry.” In last years BFI Diversity and Inclusion report, the research showed that although there has been improvement on the targets set to support more female filmmakers and filmmakers from ethnic minority, the results still show that 46% of films supported by the BFI Film Academy are female led, and 29% are led by those who identify as non white. Although the gender percentage is progressive and aligns with MsMono’s target for all of their work to be 50% female, the ethnicity percentage is underwhelming. Statistics like these are what led filmmakers from BME backgrounds to take the independent route in getting their work seen.

Photo Credit: RELM Photography

Photo Credit: RELM Photography

One of MsMono’s most recent works You, a music video for singer/songwriter Sharlene Monique and member of the Kingdom Choir, highlights the importance of representation and leaves viewers with a very empowering message around the power in finding your voice, representation and self love. Awarded for Best Female Solo, Best Inspirational and Music Video of the Year at the 2017 Jump Music Video Awards, and was screened at the Women of the Lens Festival, Karla shares that “MsMono reflects that as we follow in the footsteps of work such as Chewing Gum, Motherland and Fleabag, (we are) putting female voices front and centre.”

Karla is currently working on 6 part comedy TV series called Celibacy. The series is based around her own experiences and questions around sex, which I’m sure we’ll all be able to relate to in some way. The comedic approach is for sure going to make what may sometimes be an awkward conversation (age/experience dependent) lighthearted, and in true MsMono fashion, leading with feminine energy!


For more information on MsMono Productions, head over to their website, and keep up with all things MsMono on social media:

Instagram: @MSMonoProductions | Twitter: @MsMonoProd | Facebook: @MsMonoProductions


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