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Bounce Cinema - New Voices

“Film has had a massive impact on my life, it’s allowed me to express myself in new ways where words simply couldn’t suffice.”

- Mathieu Ajan, Artrepreneur.



Storytelling is one of the most powerful means of human connection and seeing all versions of the humanity represented in creativity helps us feel like our stories matter, and that our skills are valuable and that we are not alone in our experiences.

In the UK, women account for 13% of directors who work in the film industry today (BFI Research and Statistics). Whilst just 5.3% of the film production workforce, were from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds in recent statistics published by the British Film Institute.




In a bid to address the lack of representation in the film industry. TearDusk Founder. Mathieu Ajan is launching his film club, Bounce Cinema. The initiative will create a space where the underserved can share experiences through their lens in front of, and behind the camera.

Bounce Cinema also acts as a networking opportunity for attendees to discover new talent, with a percentage of the profits made from the events contributing to supporting the next collection of diverse young creatives who may not be fully equipped to kick start their careers.


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Ahead of the event, we asked Mathieu what the impact of him has had on him, and he shares, “From writing to getting on set, the filmmaking process can teach you things about yourself that you weren’t aware of; it builds you and forces you to be more open. I believe film is not only powerful for filmmakers but equally important for audiences too.”

Bounce Cinema aims to introduce viewers to the emerging talent with important stories to tell, and in creating something he wished existing, he shares that “it’s important we create our own solutions. If we don’t tackle our own problems, then who will?”




The first screening will be taking place on Tuesday 6th March 2018, at 6pm hosted at WeWork Moorgate followed by a Q&A. Tickets can be purchased here.
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