How a daughter's question turned into her Mother's business, and recognition from the Black Panther cast

In line with Mother’s day on Sunday, our first representation of #BlackGirlMagic is Mother and daughter duo, Selma Nichols, Founder and Creative Visionary of Talent and Casting Agency #LooksLikeMeUK and her princess, Riley-Ann.

Coming from a performance and production background, Selma has easily transferred her skills into her new territory, and the inception of #LooksLikeMeUK was birthed out of 3-year old (at the time), Riley-Ann’s questions around not seeing people who looked like her in fashion and advertising..

Bounce Cinema - New Voices

In a bid to address the lack of representation in the film industry. TearDusk Founder. Mathieu Ajan is launching his film club, Bounce Cinema. The initiative will create a space where the underserved can share life through their lens in front of, and behind the camera...

Broderick Hunter Talks Success

Every New Year is a prime opportunity to set goals, and strategize ways to make our lives more fulfilling. Broderick Hunter took some time to have a conversation with us about his definition of success, what he wants to see more of in the world, and the ultimate advice for taking dope pictures..

Pitch - The Future of Advertising

One of the powerhouses behind this often-complex and controversial industry is changing how we engage with the industry, at what levels we are exposed to the industry and creating opportunities for a more diverse representation of adland..

Black Magic Awards

Over the last few years, life as a person of colour has really been testing. We’ve seen the noticeable rise in overt racial segregation, countless police brutalities and communal negligence to the highest degree. That said, in and amongst the mayhem, we have also seen the rise in visible black love, community spirit and numerous representations of indisputable black girl magic..