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iON Presents CelebratiON

iON Presents CelebratiON

"We've come a long way"

The statement ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too’ couldn’t be more unrealistic for Absolutely Cupcakez London. Founders Bella Charles and Angie Foudjour have been caking things up for over 5 years, starting out by baking for friends and family. They soon realised they could be a viable business, and at a time when bakers were making large cakes for celebrations, Absolutely Cupcakez London saw a niche in the market for baking treats just as a tasty but on a smaller scale – cupcakes.


iON: So you must be coming up to your 5 year anniversary soon, how do you think the cupcake scene has changed since you started?

Angie: We jumped on it early when people weren’t really doing cupcakes. It wasn’t as established especially in the UK. One of our main reasons for doing cupcakes was to make giving out cake easier at birthdays etc.

Bella: The cupcake scene has grown and people are doing a lot more with it. Casino themed cupcakes were one of the first we did, and then we did Cookie Monster face themed cakes at our launch event. We did a lot with cupcakes back then. Yes, you have your normal main cakes brands, but we wanted to be that cupcake company in our community.


iON: What is your favourite part of what you do?

Angie: The End. LOL. The cakes gone, left the house, to the customer, and seeing the customers face.

Bella: The delivery - when the customer gets what they want, and we go above their expectations. With cupcakes though, you have to be careful, they could tip upside down on the way so once they’ve been delivered, we’re smiling.


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iON: What cupcake flavours are your favourite, and have you noticed any new trends in terms of what people want in/from their cupcakes?

Bella: Caramel and Lemon. 

Angie: Rainbow and Vanilla.

Both: People have started asking for alcohol in their cupcakes and personalisation. People want their faces on cakes, stuff related to them - no two cakes are the same.


iON: Going into business with friends can sound great from the offset but doesn’t always work out. You seem to maintain a strong friendship as well as a professional business relationship, what’s the secret?

Bella: As simple as it sounds, communication. You have to really know the person you’re going into business with and knowing the persons character. I know Angela’s not greedy and when I’m able to help, because I now work full time, I don’t expect anything in return and Angie knows that.

Angie: Oh my gosh! You read my mind, I was just about to say that! I just try to understand her (Bella’s) mind-set, and what’s going on. It helps me question what’s taking up her time and what she really wants to focus on right now. It helps to understand what we can get done.


iON: Growing up on a well-known estate in Tottenham, notorious for crime, what would you tell your teenage self about wanting to create better for herself despite their surroundings?

Angie: Biblically, believe that you can do all things through Christ. Do things out of your comfort zone, go out there, explore, research, go meet people, network, get advice - just go and learn.

Bella: Don’t be afraid to be worried. Obviously, as Christians, we’re encouraged not to worry but I feel like there’s this expectation that everything out there is positive and great. There will be problems, but it’s just about how you deal with it. You might want something but you have to remember that our time isn’t always God’s time. Be confident and bold but be mindful that things may not always go your way, however that doesn’t mean you won’t ever get there.


iON: What’s in the pipeline for Absolutely Cupcakez London this year?

Both: We want to do something for our 5 year anniversary, get ourselves out there and show people what we’ve done over the last 5 years. We want to connect more with our customers, find out what they want, and we have plans to start a delivery service. We’ve come a long way.


Chatting to Absolutely Cupcakez London highlighted the importance of sticking with something, especially when it is not popular. These two ladies understand commitment, consistency, and communication – 3 major keys to maintaining a successful business and friendship. We’re excited for what they have planned over the next five years and we will be going to the gym that little bit more to start making room for that delivery service!

Socialise with them too - Instagram: ACupcakezldn |  Twitter: @ACupcakezldn | Facebook: AbsolutelyCupcakezLdn

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