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iON Presents PassiON

iON Presents PassiON

"The only way to stay fresh is to have a bath everyday" 

There’s only so long you can resist the small voice drawing you to connect your purpose with your passion. Jamelia Donaldson listened to that voice, and left a corporation to open her own box of Treasure. Treasure Tress is the UK’s first monthly discovery box for women and girls with naturally kinky, curly and/or frizzy hair, with her beautiful niece as the inspiration. We sat down with Jamelia to talk entrepreneurship, purpose and what the ultimate business start-up pack should include.

Entrepreneurship is a daunting pursuit and transitioning from a corporate employee to a creative entrepreneur has its challenges. It is the ultimate ‘on the job training’ experience, and before beginning the journey, Jamelia tells us “I wish there was a folder that said ‘Accounts’- this is how you do them and these are the apps you use. ‘Reaching out to brands’- this is how you approach them and what mediums you should use. ‘Building a team’- you shouldn’t start until you have these people in place”.

As exciting as starting a new venture or career is, most of us can attest to feeling demotivated along the way. Motivation has to be sustained and Jamelia attributes it to staying clean, “The only way you can stay fresh is by having a bath everyday, and the only way to stay motivated is by motivating yourself everyday”. Constantly surrounding yourself with people or knowledge that come from slightly different backgrounds or come from where you want to be is really encouraging, it makes you realise that there’s no difference between you and them, but a few choices. One of the podcasts I listen to speaks a lot about when you’re forming your life, it has to be 360°. You can’t just focus 100% on business; it’s about having a balance in your life”.


"We’re able to create, set our own trends, and tell the world how they should picture us and it’s really exciting"


A part of Treasure Tress’ brand message expresses the importance of representation especially when addressing self-love. The Treasure Tress Mini Me Tea Parties are fantastic opportunities for adorable Mini Me’s to see themselves exemplified all in one room. Receiving feedback from these Tea Parties and phone conversations with ‘The Treasure Tress Team’ (her subscribers) serves as a reminder of 'why Treasure Tress' and helps her continue to enrich the Treasure Tress experience. Some of the testimonials include, “I didn’t know what to do with my hair, I’ve never heard of these brands, and it’s only because of your box that I take care of myself now”, and  “it wasn’t until her daughter came to one of the Tea Parties that she realised that it is normal for little girls to wear their natural hair.” These truths contribute to Jamelia’s dedication to normalising natural hair as a beauty standard for young girls as well as providing quality hair products for her Tee-hive.

Jamelia has previously discussed experiencing a quarter-life crisis with London based  blogger/podcaster ADZVICE, and since overcoming that, her conversation topics usually include intentionality, purpose and authenticity, “It’s the thing that frustrates me the most, when I see people not staying true to themselves. I appreciate frank and real conversations, connecting with people regarding what they are passionate about, what they are working on and what their contribution to the world is.”


"You can’t just focus 100% on business; it’s about having a balance in your life”


With Black British businesses on the rise, partnered with the evolution of the Black British experience, for Jamelia being Black British is, “an ever-evolving identity. In England (UK), I’m Black Caribbean but when I’m in Jamaica, I’m English. We’re constantly in this limbo where we don’t really fit anywhere, and because of that we’re beginning to create our own identity. We’re able to create, set our own trends, and tell the world how they should picture us and it’s really exciting".

Jamelia aims to use Treasure Tress as a vehicle to shift the trajectory of beauty standards, self love and accessibility of quality afro haircare. In changing her mind towards these things in her own life, she invites you 'The Treasure Tress Team' to follow suit.



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iON Presents ActiON

iON Presents ActiON