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Broderick Hunter Talks Success

Happy 2018!

Every New Year is a prime opportunity to set goals, and strategize ways to make our lives more fulfilling. In one way or another, we all want ‘success’, and the team at Success Talks have showcased its relative definition for the past 5 years.

Success Talks organises for inspirational individuals to share their success stories and their last edition for 2017, hosted by UK Blogger, Breeny Lee,  concluded with Model, Actor and one of the sexiest men alive as named by People Magazine, Broderick Hunter.


Photo credit: Success Talks. Left to Right, Broderick Hunter, Breeny Lee

Photo credit: Success Talks. Left to Right, Broderick Hunter, Breeny Lee

As an individual who is internationally recognised by British GQ Magazine, Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan Magazine, as well as his more recent appearances in Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’, Broderick Hunter took some time to have a conversation with us about his definition of success, what he wants to see more of in the world, and the ultimate advice for taking dope pictures.


For Brits, often success is attributed to international recognition, especially from our stateside counterparts. We asked Broderick if, as an African American, if he feels they have an equivalent ‘success moment’, and for him success is way more personal than that. “I don’t really think it’s a demographic thing” he shares. “I don’t dictate success based upon on what area of the world I’m popular in. The regular idea of success in the States is based on the flashy stuff, and my definition of success is nowhere near that. My definition of success is based on how I can exceed my own expectations and how I can increase my own bar. I’m into impressing myself and not others.”




Having turned his hand to modelling and acting, Broderick’s career demonstrates career diversity, and like most of us, he has decided to live a life that isn’t one-dimensional. For those of us who have struggled with juggling more than one gift, or just understanding which interest to invest in first, Hunter tells us that there’s no right or wrong way to do this; “I mean, if you want to go into acting the first thing you’re going to want to do, is figure out how to act” (talk about stating the obvious!)

The process of learning any trait comes with a process and Hunter is not one for quick fixes when gaining skills and credibility “everyone always says ‘put me on’, ‘get me in the door’, and honestly, it’s possible but there’s no longevity behind it because there’s no work behind it. People just want the cake without having put it in the oven”.

It’s clear that putting the time in is paramount in Hunter’s opinion and when reflecting on his career thus far, he smiles and tells us “I’m proud of everything. There’s not one job that I can’t say that was too big or too small, I am grateful for the blessings”.


Photo credit: Ivrin Rivera Photography

Photo credit: Ivrin Rivera Photography

As well as being grateful for our own lives, there’s always some extra light that should be shed in the lives of others. We asked what Broderick wished there was more of in the world, and his response was simple, “Man, I just wish there was peace. I really do.” With compassion in his voice, he continues, “we’re experiencing so many things that could be easily avoided. Right now, it’s all caused by hate, envy, disagreements and religious differences. I just want to see more prosperity and more equality over the course of time. As people, especially as celebrities and public figures, we have to do our job at raising our voice about these things. It’s our voices that are being echoed and not everyone has our reach.”

As a man who has no problems in front of the camera, we tapped into this modelling expertise and asked for some tips on how we too, can take incredible pictures. Instead of giving us 3 tips (like we asked), he gave us one, “stop giving a damn!“.

According to Broderick, having a more careless approach to taking pictures is the perfect time to tap into our inner magic. Broderick explains that “once you find that self confidence, and reassurance for yourself, that’s when inner glow is going to show up, which is what we call black girl or black boy joy. It’s an inner joy that has nothing to do with anyone else’s approval”.


Photo credit: Irvin Rivera Photography

Photo credit: Irvin Rivera Photography

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