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Values Questioned and Boundaries Pushed - WTALK explores faith, intimacy and celibacy in brand new podcast series, ‘Encounters’..

Whether it be a boundary crossed within friendship, a professional relationship beginning to turn personal, or transition between being an acquaintance to ‘it’s complicated’, it’s fair to assume that in some way, we have all had ‘Encounters’..

Multiplatform Entertainment Network, WTALK, is a staple hub for women to engage in faith driven entertainment content by way of podcasts, online shows, events and their newly developed app. WTALK are commonly known for creating content around conversations that are often taboo and ‘difficult’ to address in faith community, and their new podcast series ‘Encounters’ is no different.

‘Encounters’ a WTALK original, is a romantic podcast series which explores the links between faith, intimacy and celibacy. Created by WTALK Founder, Tobi Olujinmi, this story follows Julia (played by Rita Balogun) a smart, outspoken, driven Christian woman and Lucas (played by Tapiwa Madovi) a pensive character and a famous premier league footballer, and how their worlds’ meet when Julia travels to New York.

This podcast raises how possible it is to stay true to your beliefs when met with another way of living, especially in the content of romantic interest. Can Julia’s “Christian World”, and her faith merge with Lucas’ life of games and groupies? Being celibate in your teens is different experience as you age into your 20s and 30s, will Julia stay true to her core values?

One thing is for sure, with each encounter; the chemistry gets more intense and the challenges more apparent. As their connection deepens, how far will she go?

This podcast episode is out on Thursday 1st August 2019 and is available to listen to across all podcast platforms. For more information on the WTALK Network, head over to their site, and download their new app.

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